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North Composites Engineering Ltd is a global specialist providing uncompromising composite training for Aerospace, Marine, Wind Turbine and the automotive sectors. Our trainers are all highly qualified and experienced engineers who apply competitive composite design, repair and processing knowledge to our in-depth training courses; promoting and encouraging best practice, knowledge transfer and development in advanced materials.

Our trusted training courses are designed to provide knowledge and build essential skills, combining theory and practical elements to enable attendees to gain a thorough understanding of how advanced composites behave and the reasons why. With our own in house manufacturing capability we use the experiences learned from our production to support the learning within our courses. Our scheduled courses are delivered in our dedicated training facility which is fully equipped with the latest dust extraction system.

Aircraft Composite Repair

Aircraft Composite Repair Courses

Aircraft Composite Courses

Course Code Course Title Dates Price
AC001 Aircraft Composite Repair. 8th to 19th January 18
29th January to 12th February 18
9th to 20th April 18
18th to 29th June 18
13th to 24th August 18
1st to 12th October 18
26th November to 7th December 18
AC003 Advanced Aircraft Composite Repair. 5th to 16th February 18
10th to 21st September 18
AC007 787 Series Composite Aircraft Repair. 2nd to 13th July 18
ACM001 Aircraft Metal to Metal Bonding dates available by request
AC010 Composites for Engineers 1 Design, Test and Manufacture 23rd to 27th April 18
AC011 Composites for Engineers 2 Structural Performance 6th to 10th August 18

Composite Training Courses

Course Code Course Title Dates Price
001 Introduction to Composites Wet Layup and Pre-Pregs. 22nd to 26th January 18
12th to 16th February 18
14th to 18th May 18
22nd to 26th October 18
£915.00 + VAT
005 Composite Repair Methods 12th to 16th February 18
4th to 8th June 18
24th to 28th September 18
£915.00 + VAT
006 Composite Repair Advanced. 19th to 23rd February 18
15to to 19th October 18
£975.00 + VAT
007 Manufacturing, Finishing and Assembling Composites. 19th to 23rd March 18
19th to 23rd November 18
£975.00 + VAT
008 Resin Infusion Theory and Practical. 16th to 20th July 18
5th to 9th November 18
£915.00 + VAT
010 Master and Working Tool Design and Manufacture. 23rd to 27th July 18 £975.00 + VAT
011 Advanced Pre-Preg Laminating. 26th February to 2nd March 18
21st to 25th May 18
£915.00 + VAT
012 Advanced Pre-Preg Laminating 2. 11th to 15th June 18 £985.00 + VAT

Entry Requirements and Enrolments

Unless otherwise stated in course details no qualifications or previous experience is required.
Enrolments are taken on a first come, first served basis allocated on payment of the course fee.  Please see terms and conditions for payment terms.


Our training facility is in the Wigan; Greater Manchester located close to the main M6 motorway for both north and south bound carriageways.  There are good rail links directly to Wigan town centre.