Resin transfer moulding (RTM) is the process of injecting resin into a high quality closed mould at high pressure to impregnate dry fabric in the production of high calibre composite parts. North Composite Engineering’s collaboration with Wolfangle enables us to bring expert guidance, innovation and turn-key solutions to flexible RTM and mould manufacture which extends the range of equipment available to our customers.

Our experienced composite engineers will support and assist you to develop equipment solutions from the specification to the integration of the technology into your facility with maximum effect.

At the heart of the RTM system is a purpose designed injection unit which can be used in both pressurised processes and vacuum based processes.

iJect touch

RTM equipment

The iJect touch is the high quality easy way to perform RTM via a mobile PLC controlled touch screen interface system. The system controls pressure, delivery quantities, vacuum levels, full temperature control, automatic flushing and calibration along with data storage options.

The versatile system can be configured with five different configurations based on output rates up to a maximum of 5kg/min depending on resin type and viscosity. With options from heated material hoses to remote access the system is configurable to a wide variety of needs.

Standard specification:

12” colour touch screen
Pressure Control
High quality piston pumps
Siemens PLC
Mould selection
Volumetric measurement units
Recipe database
Separate systems designed for Epoxy, Polyester or Vinyl Ester Resins

iJect touch mini


This compact RTM machine with PLC and a footprint of less than 1sq provides an efficient, safe and easy to use process control for your RTM solutions.

The iJect mini enables you to produce repeatable components using programmable parameter. The system incorporates temperature control, evacuation of materials, direct connection to your mould or press and data recording.

The system can be configured with a selection of options from a 20 recipe database to a catalyst control system and has as standard an output rate up to a maximum of 4kg/min depending on resin type and viscosity.

Standard specification:
4” colour touch screen
Pressure Controlled injection
High quality piston pumps
Siemens PLC
Automatic flushing system
GRP housing
Separate systems designed for Epoxy, Polyester or Vinyl Ester Resins

Specialist Heated Tool Design and Manufacture

Mould tool

Our design and manufacturing service can produce high grade purpose designed tooling to satisfy your requirements for resin infusion and RTM.

The tool can be provided with a heat managed system to provide thermal management to a schedule via integrated thermal control.

RTM Training

composite processing equipment spray

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