Resin Infusion Theory and Practical

Course Code: 008
Duration: 3 Days
Fees: £700.00 (£840.00 incl.VAT)
Course structure: 30% theory, 70% practical

Who is it for:

Designed to support engineers, designers, researcher, lead technicians and technicians involved in development, tool design or component manufacture using resin infusion techniques.

Course content:

This resin infusion course is designed to cover the requirements of the National Occupational Standards for Resin Infusion (SEMTA and COGENT), using the latest resin infusion production techniques. Each delegate will produce composite mouldings, incorporating a variety of features and using a range of techniques and processes to include laminates and sandwich structures using different resin, fibre and core materials.

The course will cover:

  • Health, Safety and Handling
  • Development of vacuum moulding techniques
  • Material selection, storage and life
  • Resins, hardener and accelerator options
  • Tooling configuration
  • Tool preparation
  • Gel coat selection and application
  • Feeder and vacuum systems
  • Resin / fibre calculations
  • Infusion flow: effects of temperature, viscosity and permeability on flow rates, flow rate calculations
  • Bagging and auxiliary equipment selection
  • Open, closed and intensified moulds
  • Curing cycles and faults caused by incorrect cycles
  • Break out
  • Defects causes and solutions
  • Problems associated with Resin Infusion

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