At North Composites Engineering, our range of repair equipment encompasses the requirements of the automotive, aviation, marine and energy sectors.  Our equipment includes toolkits, composite curing systems and hot bonders.

Hot Bonders and Kits

Our versatile Hot Bonders provide controllable cure that supports out-of-autoclave applications in both manufacturing and repair environments. They are effectively used for curing prepregs, adhesives and resins in a wide variety of processes.

Hot Bonder Accessories

Our silicone rubber heat blankets are ideal for composite repair and fabrication they can be used on horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, and on complex contoured surfaces are highly flexible making them excellent for leading and trailing edges with quick, efficient, non-stress producing heat up to 450°F (232°C).

Mixing and Dispensing

Our dispensing and mixing units enable accurate dosing of resin and hardener, they are available for different resin systems The accurate dosing enables the saving of material, reduces potential skin contact and reduced production.