North Composites Engineering was established in 2012 with the vision of providing first class training solutions in the advanced composite market. Our fully qualified engineers combine industrial expertise with key academic research and extensive teaching experiences to provide the UK’s first choice for advanced composite manufacture, production and repair courses.
All our courses and trainers meet the requirements of the CAA and Tier 1 aircraft manufactures training recommendations. Our tutors have both professional engineering and teaching qualifications and are trained and assessed by external bodies to guarantee the quality of our courses.
Our expertise in the field has enabled us to grow and develop relationships with key industry manufacturers and has resulted in the development of our equipment supply section, where we adopted a one stop shop approach to supporting our customers.
Our latest ventures have seen us developing our own in house manufacture in the marine, wind turbine and aircraft sectors. These experiences and practices directly feed developments within our courses and give us the opportunity to test out new solutions before offering them to our customers.

Our Composite Facilities

North Composites Engineering benchmark composite facilities were designed to exceed the latest health and safety recommendation, the facility has been established through detail consideration of good industry practice and the latest innovation and technological developments to establish a facility which supports safe development and training requirements.
Our facility has the latest industry standard extraction equipment which services a dedicated layup room and separate processing workshop area, with individual workspace extraction, air and vacuum supplies serviced from our high efficiency vacuum and air source. This and the use of on tool extraction ensure a clean dust free environment for both the dedicated layup area and the separate processing area.
The facility is equipped with the latest resin infusion, resin transfer moulding and vacuum processing equipment along with high calibre hot bonding and short wave infrared facilities which we utilise both within our training and our manufacturing processes.
To support our courses and manufacturing the facility is provided with its own dedicated CNC capability together with vacuum enabled processing ovens and the capability to produce in house custom designed silicon bagging solutions.

Meet The Team

North Composites Engineering is the culmination of and a coming together of leading industry experts in the arena of advanced composite materials, aeronautical engineering and cutting edge motorsport sectors. Combine this with key academic research, lecturing and teaching experiences in some of the world’s leading technical educational institutions, and you have the UK’s first choice for advanced composites manufacture, production and repair courses.