North Composite Engineering’s collaboration with Wolfangel enables us to bring a range of high quality, reliable resin dispensing and fibre/gelcoat spraying option to our range of equipment enabling clean effective dispensing and mixing of resin, gel coats and the option of fibre spraying to extend the range of equipment available to our customers.

 Wall Dosing Unit


When dosing of fluid media made simple and exact the wall dosing units are the first choice. All parts of the units are made of stainless steel, aluminium and Teflon. When using different materials, we recommend using a separate dosing feeder for each type of material in order to avoid time consuming cleaning.

The Wall Dosing Units are prepared for wall installation – they are easily fixed to the wall with two screws only and are available from 25ml to 1000ml capacity.



The dispenser and metering systems allow an economical use of your raw materials. You take the quantity you need and always in the right dosing ratio.

With the optional mixing head with hose and casting head you pour the material directly to your mould. This offers a clean and easy dispensing without filling any buckets.

The dispenser gives accurate dosing of resin and catalyst with separate outlets requiring no flushing after use.

Also available for high volume up to 100kg/min for Epoxy, Polyester or Vinyl Ester Resins

Gelcoater with External Airless Mix


The Gelcoat spray technology means reliability and perfect gelcoat results. The compact size makes the gelcoater suitable for all workshop spaces.

Thanks to the high pressure external mixing gun outstanding micro porosity free surfaces are achieved. Due to the external mixing of the gelcoat and catalyst no flushing is needed.

Adjustable dosing, separate gelcoat and catalyst housing, high pressure filter, vario nozzle and hoses come as standard.



Fibre spraying is the most efficient open mould application process available. It is possible to save up to 30% time compared to hand layup and material costs while buying roving instead of glass mat.

The chopper has a minimum overspray and allows spraying tooling or filled resins as well as spray core. Air acetone system enables effective cleaning.

To discuss your equipment needs or for a quote please contact Brian Henderson on 01942 665292 or complete our contact form.