Master and Working Tool Design and Manufacture

Course Code: 010
Duration: 5 Days
Fees: £900.00 (£1080.00 incl.VAT)
Course structure: 25% theory, 75% practical

Who is it for:

Designed to support engineers, designers, researcher, lead technicians and technicians involved in the development of tooling for composite component manufacture.

Course content:

The course develops a wide ranging, understanding of the development and application of current and novel techniques in the production of composite tooling. Delegates will have the opportunity to produce a range of master and working mould tools with complex geometry which incorporate the use of templates and the correct finishing producing a quality self-supporting mould tool. They will have the opportunity to discover the common tool making problems and defects and how to overcome these by design and modification.

The course will cover:

  • Health, safety and handling
  • Composite materials and properties
  • Composite manufacturing – planning
  • Master tool design, material selection and construction
  • Use of traditional, novel, CNC and vac forming to produce master tools
  • Creation of a master tool from an existing component
  • Making a master tool
  • Working tooling design and material selection
  • Making working tools using different materials and cure temperature from a master tool
  • Use of closed tooling, intensifiers and vacuum bagging techniques
  • Curing and tool repair methods
  • Use of tooling to form a two part assembly
  • Introduction to resin infusion tooling
  • Inspection
  • Identifying and rectifying defects
  • Master and working tool storage and management

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