manufacturing, finishing and assembling.

Composite Courses

The course will cover:

Health, Safety and Handling
Coolants and cooling methods
Surface coatings and preparation
Cutting and trimming
Application and correct use of hand and power tools
Component and tool, finishing and material options
Tool forms: cutting angles, abrasive grades, material and coatings
Material property affects resulting from local cutting heat and removal rates
Part holding methods during machining and sub-processing options to avoid breakthrough and/or delamination
Feeds, speeds and tooling options to achieve surface finish requirements on metallic and non-metallic tools
De-burring and trimming options
Defects due to manufacturing and machining
Polishing and protection
Fastener styles and performance: implementation with combinations of material types
Installing and changing fasteners to solid and cellular systems
Fasteners failure, defects and repair
Bonded structural formation and integration

Course Title: Manufacturing, Finishing and Assembling Composites
Course Code: 007
Duration: 5 Days
Fees: £975.00 + VAT at standard rate
Course structure: 30% theory, 70% practical

This course is aimed at technicians, engineers and supervisors who are involved or likely to become involved in the final manufacture, assembly and finishing of composite parts and those involved in the service and maintenance of such parts.

This course considerers the impact of composite machining, final composite finishing and the crucial importance of composite assembly using mechanical fasteners and adhesive bonded joints. Consideration is given to safe practices, preparation and failure due to poor joint design and fastener selection together with the impact these factors have on inspection, maintenance and replacement.