Introduction to Composites Wet Layup and Pre-pregs .

Course Code: 001
Duration: 5 Days
Fees: £900 (£1080.00 incl.VAT)
Course structure: 30% theory, 70% practical

Who is it for: 

The course is aimed at anyone who requires a sound understanding of the terms, concepts and practices involved in producing composite parts and to gain a practical understanding of wet layup and pre-preg manufacturing techniques along with the health and safety requirements associated with them. The course is suitable for technicians, designers, engineers, managers and sales staff.

Course content: 

This course introduces the concepts, properties, structures and uses of advance and composite materials now being used across a number of different industries. This is combined with practical sessions which show the different manufacturing approach for wet layup and pre-preg layup at room and elevated temperatures; delegates produce simple forms with and without cellular thickening to aid their understanding of the different techniques. Safe handling and the risks involved in handling the materials involved in producing composites and damage prevention for completed parts along with the specific health and safety requirements needed are the backbone of this course.

 The course will cover:                 

  • Health, safety and handling
  • Composite terminology, materials structure, properties and performance characteristics
  • Examining fibres, fabrics and drape.
  • Resin types, properties storage and disposal and rules of mixture
  • Materials life, cure methods - cure, secondary cure and bonding
  • Tooling requirements and bagging
  • Manufacture methods
  • Gel coat application
  • Laminating
  • Component surface finish and treatments effects
  • Material selection parameters, component and tool
  • Material and tool preparation
  • Wet layup techniques, with and without vacuum bagging
  • Vacuum bagging options
  • Curing methods, temperature and pressure control
  • Carbon and Glass Fibre pre-pregs
  • De-moulding
  • Causes, detection and effects of damage

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