North Composites Engineering should be your first choice for arguably some of the world’s finest hot bonders, autoclaves, ovens, specialist heat blankets, heat lamps and associated advanced composite production accessories.

Our knowledge of the composites market and the problems highlighted to us by our clients led us to form an extensive range of equipment services designed to support manufacturing and repair requirements.

Through our original manufacture and international partnerships we supply high quality services and equipment which we use to developing solutions fit for your processing and repair needs.

Equipment can be supplied as a stand-alone or as a fully integrated solution, we will work with you to specify and supply the right equipment for the job. Our hot bonders, ovens and autoclaves are Airbus, Boeing and MOD approved.

A significant concern in composites is extraction during cure, trimming, drilling, cutting, bonding and sanding, this will inevitably create health risks through inhalation and accumulation of dust. The latest HSE specifications including those of ATEX, which must be implemented in such applications will protect you from the effects of dust and fume formation. Our ranges of latest extractors and on tool systems are the market leaders in providing effective compliant dust and fume extraction

Our inclusive approach to customers’needs results in customer satisfaction for sole traders to multi-nationals alike.

Processing Equipment

We will supply all your processing equipment needs ranging from off the shelf products through to bespoke systems specified and designed by our experts to meet your requirements.


Repair Equipment

We supply a wide range of repair equipment for all levels of composite repair across automotive, aerospace, marine and energy sectors.



A clean dust free working environment is the key to health and safety and the production of quality components and repairs. With this in mind we supply workshop, mobile and individual extraction and protection that satisfies or exceeds the latest guidelines.


Tools and Consumables

Driven by our customer requirements we supply a rapidly growing range of tools, accessories and consumable items at a highly competitive price.