Composite Repair Basics

Course Code: 005
Duration: 5 Days
Fees: £900.00 (£1080.00 incl.VAT)
Course structure: 30% theory, 70% practical

Who is it for:

The course is aimed at repair technicians, supervisors, engineers, designers, and managers who need an understanding of the repair process.

Course content: 

This introduction to composite repairs course focuses on the identification of failure methods and the practical application of implementing repairs using the correct method for the repair. Coverage includes repair preparation consideration of laminate orientation, lay-up and resin selection and application. This is presented along with the use of vacuum bagging, the need for extraction and the tooling requirements for effective repairs. Each delegate will get the opportunity to practice the techniques demonstrated on different repairs. The course will implement an appropriate repair regime linked to the correct usage of repair materials, processes and associated repair. 

The course will cover: 

  • Health, safety and handling
  • Dust control and equipment use
  • Repair equipment focused upon room cure and elevated heat using hot bonder, Inferred amps and special tooling requirements
  • Preparing a part ready for damage method using various cure methods
  • Damage events and assessment methods
  • Repair processing equipment and materials
  • Cosmetic and gel coat repairs
  • Carrying out repairs to a multi layered laminate
  • Carrying out repairs to laminate with a core structure
  • Repair double sided repair with/without a core
  • Introduction to repair options available and implement preparation of a more complex repair of a curved item
  • Demonstration of NDT methods and simple testing of repairs

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