repairing composite component

Composite Courses

The course will cover:

Review health, safety and handling
Repair equipment calibration and set-up for room and elevated repair processing
Cosmetic repair of structural and non-structural components
Repair of solid laminates with circular and non-circular damage forms
Repair core panels with circular and non-circular damage form
Material evaluations and options
Scarf and stepped repairs
Double sided repairs with different material types
Failure methods
Damage assessment
Planning and application of advanced, extensive and structural repairs
Use and application of Non Destructive Testing
Introduction to resin infusion repair method

Course Title: Composite Repair Advanced
Course Code: 006
Duration: 5 Days
Fees: £975.00 + VAT at standard rate
Course structure: 30% theory, 70% practical
Prior learning (Pre requisite): 005 Composite Repair Basics.

This course is aimed at repair technicians, supervisors, engineers, designers, and managers who need a comprehensive understanding of the composite repair process. The composite repair course builds upon the skills developed in the 005 Composite Repair Basics course.

This largely practical course follows on from the Composite Repair Basics course, expanding the knowledge of failure methods including repairs to planar and curved surface, damage assessment and the practical application of applying advanced, and structural repairs and extends the concepts of repair testing by the introduction to Non Destructive Testing (NDT). The courses mix of theory and practical application focuses on a range of repair techniques using the readily available repair equipment and explores the need for and the use of specialist repair tools.