North Composite Engineering’s offers a range of composite curing solutions ranging from high quality specialist fully controlled IR lamps to hot guns. We will tailor the right solution for your needs whether they are for a single piece of equipment or a bespoke designed system.

IR Lamps

The use of infrared lamp is essential for composite repair of irregular shapes and when a contactless heat source is required. Programmable and stand alone IR Lamp offer versatility and confidence in the cure schedule.

Our versatile IR lamps are available in a range of sizes, capacities with and without controllers and can be configured to your specific requirements.

Vacuum Forming Equipment

Small to medium sized vacuum forming tables in rigid or flexible frame are supplied for composite de-bulking and/or curing in single sided and double sided manufacturing and process control. The option to include thermal control in this equipment can be designed to fit your specific thermal exposure parameters.

Innovative Silicone Mould Design and Intensifiers

We manufacture silicone forms to facilitate manufacture and de-bulking of components with male and female forms using a mould tool or a vacuum table. To supplement our vacuum table technology we manufacture intensifiers enabling the manufacture of complex seamless hollow geometrical forms or silicone tools allowing complex composite forms to be manufactured in a cost effective manner.

To discuss your equipment needs or for a quote please contact Brian Henderson on 01942 665292 or complete our contact form.