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North Composites Engineering is the culmination of and a coming together of leading industry experts in the arena of advanced composite materials, aeronautical engineering and cutting- edge motorsport sectors. Combine this with key academic research, lecturing and teaching experiences in some of the world's leading technical educational institutions, and you have the UK's first choice for advanced composites manufacture, production and repair courses.

If you work in the highly competitive Aerospace, Marine, Wind Turbine or Automotive sectors it is essential that you maintain your competitive edge. With that in mind let the highly qualified engineers at North Composites Engineering share their experiences and knowledge base to develop and apply competitive composite design, repair and processing abilities to your skill set. With both bespoke and scheduled programmes of training, we endeavour to promote and encourage best practice, knowledge transfer and development in advanced materials and technologies through the provision of quality training, consultancy and products.

Meet  The Team

Person performing a composite lay up

  Prof. Brian Henderson

Director and Lead Trainer

Royal Academy of Engineering Professor for composite skills . Brian has worked at senior levels in industry for many years., He moved to an academic research position  and was awarded his Phd from the University of Manchester in 2004. During this time Brian was a consultant specialist to ACG and several formula 1 teams in the field of composite design, manufacture and experimental destructive evaluation of composites and NDT testing.

As a professional teacher Brian has an extensive teaching and training portfolio, his enthusiasm and ability to make composite material subject accessible and understandable and his friendly approach have enabled him to influence sector skills councils and deliver composite training to tier 1  aviation teams as well as independent learners of all ages.

Bagged composite part

Bernadette Gibbs

Business Director and Trainer

Bernadette has extensive engineering consultancy experience in composite and manufacturing together with teaching and learning experiences in the college and university sectors. She expanded and utilised her composite and manufacturing knowledge to manage projects  focused within advanced engineering sectors for growth and diversity linked to products and new learning approaches.

Before joining NCE she managed composite manufacturing and training programmes for tier 1 and 2 aerospace companies and the management of their supplier chain. While working with these she expanded her knowledge of composite materials to include the manufacture, performance and degradation of aerospace materials. 

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Stephen Webb

Airline Lead and Trainer

Steve was a member of the A350 Steering Group for the Airbus Advanced Composites Research and Development Centre at Broughton, and worked with Airbus as Training Manager to develop the composites training for the A350 and new generation aircraft prior to joining North Composites Engineering. Aircraft maintenance training has been a major part of his work for many years 

He was a consultant for many UK vocational qualifications for City and Guilds in Aircraft Manufacture and Aircraft Maintenance and has wide experience of managing apprenticeship schemes.

He has a wide industrial experience as a research and development engineer gained from many high profile organisations.

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