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North Composites Engineering Ltd is a world leading specialist in composite training for Aerospace, Marine, Wind Turbine and the Automotive sectors. Our highly qualified engineers use their exceptional experiences and knowledge to develop and apply competitive composite design, repair and processing to our in-depth practical based training programs.

We use our composite expertise to support our consultancy and equipment supply services. As an original manufacturer and distributor for a wide range of composite processing and repair equipment we provide off the shelf and bespoke solutions for all composite industry sectors.  Our courses are enhanced by the continual support of Royal Academy of Engineering Professor Brian Henderson, whose wide ranging expertise adds flair and innovation to all our activities.

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Situated conveniently close to the major road and rail networks in the North West of  England North Composites Engineering  brings together industry experts in advanced composite materialsaeronautical engineering and cutting edge motor-sport sectors. 

We combine key academic research, practical application and teaching experiences to deliver world class technical advanced composites manufacture, production and repair courses along with open, frank and highly skilled consultancy and equipment supply services to the Aerospace, Marine, Wind Turbine and the Automotive sectors.


If you work in the highly competitive Aerospace, Marine, Wind Turbine or Automotive sectors it is essential that you maintain your competitive edge. Using our extensive and exceptional experience North Composites Engineering provide consultancy and project management services delivered across all stages of design, engineering and product development.  

Our consultancy service is backed up with a wide-ranging network that enables us to supply a high quality range of turnkey off the shelf composite processing and repair equipment solutions for all composite industry sectors.  

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